NUSKHA E ARABIA LIQUID – नुसका- ऐ -अरबिया लिक्विड

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A natural home remedy that prevents heart blockage, angina, and obesity. An ancient tried and tested formulation that cuts down fat thereby reducing chances of cardiac dysfunction and tones up muscles into a fit and shapely body. No need to cut down on food or go into the unscientific and cumbersome routine of the extraordinary regimen.

controls blood pressure, prevents thickening of blood and paralytic attacks, improves digestion, prevents skin diseases, improves intestinal strength, and reduces stiffness and pain in the joints. It’s great as a prophylactic for maintaining good health.

  • controls blood pressure.
  • Helpful in thickening of the blood.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Beneficial skin diseases.
  • Improves intestinal strength and reduces stiffness and pain in the joints.
  • It is very helpful to maintaining good health.


  • Take 5-10 ml Liquid without water on an empty stomach morning and evening, don’t take anything for 30 min after this.


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